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2005-01-11 - 11:38 a.m.

Dim new entry

Well - I was going to complain about something, but for some reason I just don't feel like it. Maybe if I just start writing I'll get warmed up enough to bitch about some things.

Let's start today with "why Joshua rocks". I rock because I have mastered VBA. OK, "mastered" is really a strong word - so maybe "gotten off to a good start" truly describes what I've done better.

Access, macros, modules, VBA... we're all really good friends now. It all started when the queen bitch of the universe that I work with demanded that I make things easier in the database she works in. ("works" is a really strong word for what she actually does...) It seems that having to enter two dates in order to capture a report is about all that she can handle at once. For christ's sake, she didn't even know where the database was stored on her machine, I can't expect too much from her. I'm sure I've talked about her before but I can't seem to find the entry.

In any case - I have now made it so that all she has to do is hit one button, enter two dates (I mean - Jesus! - I can't possibly be expected to code something that says "Dim katheyIsAFucktard As Variant, If katheyIsAFucktard='True' Then FigureOutWhatDatesSheMEANTToPutInAndWipeHerAssWhileYoureAtIt", now can I?) and then print the report. It cannot get easier.

Meanwhile - there's a management retreat today, so it's quiet around here. Sort of indicates how management-heavy we are here. What it means for me is: I have to sit here at my desk, right in between the crazed Jesus-freak who can't stop singing about her lord and savior, and kathey while she tells anyone and everyone about her dogs, her sinuses and her car troubles.

And what have I done? Well - in effect I have made her database easier to use, thereby giving her even more free time in the day. Freetime she can spend yacking her lonely heart out to all who get caught in her evil grasp... while I have to sit here and listen to it. Well I feel better. I knew I could find something to bitch about.

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